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Hello and welcome! My name is Andrea Griffith. I am a TV executive, creative producer, and writer based in Toronto, Canada. I have many descriptors, but one that I hold dear is storyteller. I've created this space for fellowship and community. It's my spot where the many sides of me convene and have a good gab - AG the producer, AG the parent, AG the poet. Still have my self-published chapbooks on the shelf y'all. This is my little spot where I can share thoughts, ideas and, of course, some stories.

Now, yescessary. Right. I make up words. I make up concepts. It's how I joyfully experiment with my thoughts and ideas.

Yescessary is part of my work/life ethos and a word that I live by. Yescessary is beyond what is necessary (food, shelter, water, I'd add love here). A yescessary is an intentional choice of where you allocate your precious energy, time, focus. These are activities, habits, or rituals that make you feel like you. The things you say 'yes' to, to find balance, joy, and comfort in this busy, glorious life. I try to tread lightly and not take things too seriously, so sometimes yescessary can be a sweet pair of jeans. No judgies here.

I love writing, but avoid it at all costs. I will bury myself in work, do laundry, go for a walk before I sit to write. Yet, writing feeds my soul. It has since I wrote my first poem at three. Now I'm championing my yescessary and creating time and space for it. Welcome to my joyful, creative experiment. Welcome to Yescessary.

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